Shipping Policy

A standard shipping fee of R150 per order applies.

Neither the Website nor the Supplier will be held liable for failure to deliver your purchased Product/s due to incorrect delivery details provided by you (the Customer) or failed delivery on your the Customer’s  part where the Customer  is non reachable at the provided address 

It remains the responsibility of the Customer to reach us (the Website) to correct this and the Customer will be responsible to settle any additional delivery fees if applicable. 

All rates are calculated using a door to door courier economy service which has been arranged by the Supplier.

For any orders for Products in excess of 500kg (greater of either actual or volumetric weight), please contact the Website for a current (live) delivery quote. If the Customer proceeds to checkout, he/she will still be liable to pay the delivery fee before your order will be delivered.

Please note that delivery on all furniture Products will vary and is calculated based on area, size of item(s) and accessibility.  

Certain larger furniture Products will require a live shipping quote from the Website before proceeding to checkout as these does not fall within our standard courier pricing.

The relevant Products will state this in the Product description.

If the Customer proceeds to checkout and pays for an order that still requires a delivery quote, the Customer will be liable to settle the additional shipping fee quoted by the Website before their order will be shipped.

In the case of very large Products, the cost of delivery to the Customer may need to be agreed between the relevant Supplier and the Customer directly. In this event, the Website will notify the Customer and provide contact details of the Supplier. 

The Website does not offer International shipping

For Queries about the Shipping Policy please visit the following link: